Laura Wernick portraitLaura Wernick is an Assistant Professor at Fordham University School of Social Service. She completed her PhD in Social Work and Political Science, and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, where she was also a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Her research explores and examines innovative models of transformative community organizing. In particular, she examine how these models creatively address issues of power, privilege and oppression at multiple levels to impact social change while transforming people’s daily lives. This research agenda has been developed through and is grounded in her practice experience, which has focused on community organizing, organizational transformation and leadership, and participatory action research. Dr. Wernick’s current research includes:

  • Domestic Worker & Employer Movement for Dignified Care & Justice
  • Transformative LGBTQI Youth Leadership and Organizing
  • Youth Leading Community Change: Exploring the Intersections between Community Organizing, Mental Health and Wellness
  • Leveraging Privilege: Organizing Young People with Wealth to Support Social Justice

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